The privacy of our customers and partners is important to ZGDRONE. We only use your personal data to manage your account, to deliver our products and services to you and to inform you about our products and services, where you have consented to this. We are committed to the protection, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data and will do everything reasonably possible to protect it. This privacy statement outlines what personal data we collect when you purchase products and services from us, why we need this data and how we use it.


We provide drone operation services, software and hardware, consulting services, installation and implementation services, training, education and support services. This privacy statement applies to these services.


We need certain personal data to be able to offer you the best possible products and services and to inform you about our products and services. Some of this data is provided directly by you, for example when you request a quote. When you request a quote, we process the following data:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Salutation (Mr/Mrs etc.)
  3. E-mail address
  4. Landline and mobile phone number
  5. Business address
  6. Company name
  7. Business unit
  8. Function
  9. Payment and billing information, such as bank account number, Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number
  10. Purpose of the project


When flying over congested areas, where privacy may be at stake, it is agreed with the clients that they are responsible (and therefore adequately guarantee safety) for the personal data collected. This takes into account that the necessary institutions such as the municipality and/or residents are informed of the flight.

ZGDRONE may process personal data on the basis of fulfilling a contract with clients. However, photographs of persons may in certain cases fall under the category of biometric data and are in that case special personal data. Different rules apply. Compliance with a contract is in that case not sufficient reason to process these data.

ZGDRONE may use agreements with both the owner of the building and the user of the building in which consent is given for the processing of images in which personal data are visible. Consent is a valid reason for processing personal data in all cases. The use of a controlled ground area prevents unauthorised people from entering the flight area. This also reduces the risk of people being photographed and/or filmed against their will (albeit unintentionally).

A blurring tool is used on every photo and/or video taken to make windows, faces, license plates and other personal data unrecognisable. However, the removal of personal data also falls under the processing of personal data. Therefore, a legitimate reason to process these personal data is still required. Naturally, the residents have the right to (limited) access to the images made.


We also exchange information with auditors and accountants and third parties such as partners with whom we work. Although our partners may change, these are mainly software and hardware suppliers, distributors representing these suppliers.


We use cookies on our website solely to improve the user experience. We do not share the Information collected in this way with third parties. Cookies are text files placed on your device to collect and analyse standard internet log information and information about visitor behaviour. You can always manage your cookie preferences yourself via your browser settings.


We use your personal data only for the purposes for which it was collected and, where applicable, to comply with legal obligations. We use your personal data for the following purposes: Execution of agreements. We process your personal data exclusively to provide the said products and services of your choice.


We use your information to communicate with you in connection with our services by e-mail, text message or other electronic media. For example, we may send you invoices and communicate with you to confirm your account, provide support on the products and services we provide and invite you to participate in customer satisfaction surveys and events.


We would like to inform you about our products and services, or those of other companies (subject to your consent), by e-mail, text message or other electronic media. You have the right to unsubscribe from this information service at any time. Depending on your preferences, you can unsubscribe, change your settings directly online, or contact ZGDRONE at to do so for you.


We use your data to ensure the security, integrity and protection of our products, services and customers. For example, we process your data to detect and prevent fraud, theft and other abuse of our services. Where appropriate, we may use your data for dispute resolution, to enforce our contract with you, to enforce our rights against third parties, or to defend ourselves against third party claims or allegations.


We may process your information to comply with legal obligations, for example, to keep records and logs of our flights to fulfil legitimate requests from competent authorities (e.g. police, aviation authorities and/or judiciary).


If you submit support requests regarding one of our products or services, we may need to process personal data, such as your name, customer ID etc. in order to resolve the issue.

We also process your personal data for some internal operational processes, for example when we transfer customer data to a new storage environment.


In order to conduct our business activities, we use your personal data for general business processes. For example, we process your data for archiving purposes, business insurance, management reporting, audits and other administrative purposes.


We share your personal data with third parties such as suppliers and distributors and other partners depending on the products and services you purchase from us. We share your data:

  1. To the extent necessary to conduct our business activities, provide our services and our partner services.
  2. This includes, for example, being able to provide support and communicate with you in relation to our services;
  3. In cases where you have given us explicit permission to do so;
  4. If we are lawfully requested to do so by law enforcement, for example to investigate illegal activities;
  5. To enforce our agreement with you where appropriate. For example, if an invoice is not paid, we may share your information with a collection agency;
  6. To enforce our rights against third parties or defend ourselves against claims or allegations made by third parties;
  7. To ensure the security, integrity and protection of our services.

In order to be able to provide our services to you, we use for example for storage media, administration, marketing and fraud prevention. The sharing of data within the company takes place solely for the purpose of our business activities, our service to you and as described in this privacy statement.


For hosting and support purposes, your personal data is stored in the European Union. Your personal data is mainly processed by our staff at our headquarters in the Netherlands. To the extent that we transfer personal data to a country outside of the European Union or to an international organisation, we ensure that this only happens to those countries and organisations that guarantee an adequate protection of your data and rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), or as otherwise permitted under the AVG. If you would like more information on the safeguards we implement, please contact our Service Desk.


We will only store your personal data for as long as it is needed for the purposes for which it was collected or used and/or as long as it is required by law. If you do not use your account for 6 months, it will be deleted or permanently stored by request. In that case, we will no longer actively use your account information, for example to inform you about our products and services. If you wish to cancel your account, please contact ZGDRONE at After cancellation, your personal data will be deleted immediately, with the exception of the information that we are legally obliged to retain. For example, we are legally obliged to keep data such as copies of invoices for seven years.


Your personal account allows you to directly view and edit your personal data. For example, you can always choose whether or not to receive newsletters from us in the settings of your account. How this personal data can be managed by you depends on the products and services you use. If you are unable to access, correct or delete certain personal data yourself, if you would like to receive a copy of your personal data or if you would like to request the restriction of processing, please contact ZGDRONE at We will respond to such requests within 10 (ten) working days of receipt.


We collect and process your personal data only when we have a legal basis for doing so. The following bases apply:

  1. The processing is necessary for the performance of your contract;
  2. The processing is necessary for the protection of our legitimate business interests, for example i) to conduct our business activities; ii) for certain forms of direct marketing and profiling; iii) to detect or prevent fraud or abuse of our services; or iv) for the security of our network and systems;
  3. The processing is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation, such as the obligation to retain administrative data or to share certain information for criminal investigations following a police order;
  4. When you have given us your express consent to a processing, for example, to share data with partners for commercial purposes.

Where processing is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. In this case we will cease the respective processing of your data. The withdrawal of consent does not alter the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


If you have any questions about how we use your personal data, please contact ZGDRONE at You can also contact our Data Protection Officer at You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Authority at any time.


ZGDRONE, having its registered office in Amsterdam, Henrick de Keijserplein 7A, 1073SV, and registered with the Trade Register under number 81580045, where the decisions relating to the purposes and means of processing personal data take place, acts as the data controller in respect of the processing of this personal data.

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