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With a drone, more can be done in a safe, sustainable and efficient way. Choose quality drone inspections that guarantee the right result. You can and may rely on them.

Wind turbine inspection


Whereas other measurement methods have their limitations, drone applications go further. A drone measurement is a solution or addition to, for example, the acquisition of geo-data, inspections, DTM, pointclouds, 3D models and aerial photogrammetry.

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Aerial photography: measuring without limits

Aerial photogrammetry via drones guarantees high quality data. By flying the drone with special cameras and sensors, you can measure anything and anywhere you want. Even on large surfaces or in places where laser scanners cannot operate.

Obtain oversight with ortophotos

Orthophotos can offer great insights over large area’s. The collection of this data via (RTK equipped) drones can offer an absolute accuracy of up to 1 centimeter per pixel. It cannot be compared to available satellite images: an orthophoto is accurate, measurable and up-to-date. This makes the orthophotos a valuable addition to the project management of building contractors, project developers, property managers and insurers.

In the (point)clouds

A pointcloud is often the basis for 3D modelling and engineering. A drone visualises an area by flying in a grid pattern while taking hundreds of photos. Each photo overlaps the other. Stitching these photo’s together creates an orthophoto and a pointcloud. All the information in this pointcloud has a very accurate XYZ position.

A new reality via 3D height measurement

When acquiring terrain data, techniques come together. By working with millions of measurement points, you create a digital twin as a new reality. With the collection of this terrain data, you can, for example, calculate the volume of a stockpile accurately in relation to the ground surface. These digital terrain models from 3D height measurement are extremely accurate: there is a maximum deviation of 1cm XY and and 5 cm Z.

Volume calculation: everything is possible

A drone can reach anything. When it comes to volume calculation, the possibilities compared to traditional land and measurement methods are greater and much less labour-intensive. Measure 91 hectares traditionally and it could take weeks. A drone collects the same data in a few hours. In many places, a drone is a safer choice.

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The pressure on the road network, but also on the railways, is only increasing. In order to plan maintenance strategically, an up-to-date database of these infrastructure networks is important. A database that a drone can offer with numerous possible datasets: a drone is so manoeuvrable that the device can also safely map out the situation in hard-to-reach areas.

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The situation of tomorrow

Today’s inspection makes tomorrow’s security possible. Therefore, collect all that valuable data. Use aerial photogrammetry and have this information processed into the models and maps you want. Nothing goes unnoticed; you will not get a more detailed report anywhere else.

Worth sharing

Drone images make things clear for everyone. It is visual evidence that makes processes negotiable. Aerial photos and videos are an excellent tool for constantly monitoring progress, getting a detailed overview and marking your completed work. Drone images make it easier to communicate about the project to stakeholders.

Safe & less costly

A drone can go anywhere and at any time. During road works, the road often has to be closed off so that people can work on it. This, of course, has everything to do with safety. A drone can carry out many inspections and collect data without closing a road. A drone has safety, technical and cost effective advantages. A drone also collects a lot of different data. With a traditional tachymeter, for example, you can only take 3D measurements. Our drones not only take these 3D measurements, but also immediately make a visual representation.

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Real estate

A drone adds perspective. By working smartly with drones, you can manage your real estate resourcefully. A drone sees everything from the air. Map large areas to offer insights through data. This data optimises your planning and your processes via digital twins. Monitor progress by mapping the situation via drones. There is no more up-to-date data available and you obtain this information safely and efficiently.

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Heat in the picture

Radiometrically calibrated cameras carry out thermographic inspections. Nothing escapes these cameras. Thermal images map the condition of a house and infrared photographs reveal excessive temperature differences. Differences that might identify hidden moisture damage or leakage of heat. Drones provide a complete thermal image: from the condition of the outer walls to the window frames.

Make the roof accessible

Make sure you are better informed in order to make the right decisions: collect roof data. By recording the condition of the roof, you also communicate more clearly with customers in the process: a roof inspection makes the situation immediately clear to everyone. The inspection is quick, safe and time-saving and provides valuable data. Data that can prevent problems and extra costs through quick detection and decision making.

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Energy sector

Drones reach places that were difficult or even impossible to reach before. A drone is therefore a valuable application in almost all inspections within the energy sector.

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Solar panels in a better light

Thanks to drones, solar panel installment company’s have visualisations of their technology at their disposal. These images take customers into the process: it brings them closer to the product. Thermal images made with infrared cameras detect hotspots: cells that demand attention and thanks to drones get it.

Wind turbine under the microscope

Drones are the tool to inspect safely and efficiently. Our process is complete: from data acquisition to data reporting. With a drone inspection you avoid unnecessary downtime and dangerous traditional inspections. The delivery of the obtained data can be done as you wish and as you were used to so that you can quickly anticipate.

Flying under high voltage 

Inspecting high-voltage cables is expensive and time-consuming in the traditional form. Drones can offer solutions in this field. It is a versatile tool for almost all inspections, including Visual, Themal and LiDAR technology. Add drones to your inspection toolkit and make smart use of them. They can take to the air in almost all weather conditions.


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Eliminate guesswork and map the situation from the air. Thanks to drones, estimates are a thing of the past. Do you want to monitor the traffic flows during an event? A drone gives you the perfect aerial view. A drone brings data into view, allowing you to act with certainty. A safe idea! With this insight, you can minimise traffic jams, accidents and congested parking facilities. From the safety of our real-time drone monitor bus, quick action can be taken. Our eyes from the sky support the police and enforcement in case of riots and calamities.

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Drone inspections of telecom infrastructure allow telecommunication companies to perform engineering and network planning tasks remotely, automate tower inspections and improve wireless coverage and performance through measurements.

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Minimum downtime, maximum connectivity

Inspect tower equipment remotely and save time. You minimise your downtime and maximise your connectivity. Using a drone is always safer than climbing a tower. Aerially inspect for vegetation growth and eliminate disturbances from nesting birds and other foreign matter.

From the cloud

Using cloud-based inspection planning software, you monitor, analyse and generate reports on installations. Periodic inspections make it possible to monitor equipment and identify problems at an early stage. The information in the cloud is easily shareable with stakeholders.

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We start with a kick-off meeting and clarify your goals and wishes. We discuss in detail the (im)possibilities.

Preproduction work

We work carefully and prepare thoroughly. On the basis of a risk analysis in the flight preparation, we clarify the necessary permits and insurances.

Time to fly

Experts carry out the flight with approved drones and the required payloads.

Data processing

We process the retrieved data into easy to interpret images.

Measurement is knowledge

We will list everything clearly and provide you with the report(s).

Careful evaluation

Could things be better? We are constantly improving our service. In an evaluation, we would like to learn how we can help you even better next time.

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