Zero Gravity B.V., its employees and/or (sub)contractors, hereinafter referred to as “ZGDRONE”, shall:

1. … shall at all times ensure proper active security of its computer equipment and IT infrastructure, including but not limited to up-to-date antivirus, (personal) firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, anti-malware, the most recent patches and, where possible, use secure e-mail communication and secure file exchange.

2. … at all times refrain from engaging in activities that could in any way harm the data protection, general interests and reputation of ZGDRONE and its partners and/or clients, and make maximum efforts to prevent loss of data of ZGDRONE and/or its partners and/or clients. In that context, ZGDRONE shall confirm and strictly observe the codes of conduct, house rules, dress codes and other relevant rules of ZGDRONE and/or its partners and/or customers.

3. … actively support, promote and act upon the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights at all times. This includes but is not limited to fundamental human rights, social justice and cultural diversity. ZGDRONE shall not engage in activities such as discrimination in any form, child labour or forced labour.

4. … refrain at all times from unethical conduct, including extortion and bribery, and work to prevent all forms of corruption. Any form of compensation, remuneration, gifts or other benefits that may have any influence on decision making or perception of ZGDRONE and/or its partners and/or clients is strictly prohibited.

5. … shall at all times do its utmost to protect the living environment and the environment. ZGDRONE shall strive as much as possible to recycle, reuse or refurbish products and materials. ZGDRONE shall make a maximum effort to limit the printing of documents and to use environmentally friendly paper where possible, as well as to limit the use of water, energy and the production of waste.

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