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More is possible from the air. The latest technologies combined with creativity lead to spectacular videos. Excel and dare to go for a ground breaking videos!

Recordings Switzerland

Film production

Bring your story to life in the air. We know what works from the air and will help write (the script for) your story.

Aerial Enchantment

Shadow and light effects from the air make more possible. We have the high-quality equipment to make it happen.

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Aerial Photography

Get your subject in the best possible lighting and trust us. We achieve this with state-of-the art equipment that we know how to operate correctly.

Capture everything

We use the latest technologies to achieve the ultimate goal: capturing unique imagery.

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Live action? We stream a FullHD-signal within a 1-kilometer radius to give your event a huge boost.

Take action

Broadcast on big screens, attract viewers via YouTube or stream your local concert: it’s all possible.

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Camera drones play a huge role: now and even more so in the future. Make use of the endless possibilities offered by drones.

Never before seen angles

Creatively, a drone goes further; a drone is a crane, a dolly, a steadycam and a helicopter all in one. A drone brings something new to the imagery.

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Architecture film & photography

Whether it’s a brand-new shopping mall, office building or other object: you are guaranteed to attract attention with beautiful drone footage.

Beautiful enough to frame

The breath-taking imagery we deliver are in high resolution. The images are ideal for prints, for use in (product) print or for framing.

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For special FPV-videos, we film fast and as close as possible with FPV (First-Person-View) drones. This technique keeps the momentum going and the viewers hooked.

A dynamic look

We are always looking for new challenges and new types of drones that make more possible: we never stands still.

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High-end Tech
Certified Drone operator
All weather

Our workflow


How will we create your wishes? We will tell you how we are going to work for you, with what materials and with which team.

Preproduction work

We inform the necessary authorities, communicate with our team and prepare everything down to the last detail.

Time to fly

We collect the images that match your goal. Once we have everything in focus, we edit or deliver the imagery.

Creative polishing

Your production is in the making. We make creative adjustments and ask you to observe and provide feedback as we go along.


Are you satisfied? Then so are we. We deliver your production at the agreed time & budget.

Careful evaluation

Could things be better? We are constantly improving our service. In an evaluation, we would like to learn how we can help you even better next time.

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