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With over nine years of flying experience, we now dare to call ourselves experts. We are humbly confident that we know everything there is to know about drones, and not only that: we know how drones can be the solution within a broad variety of industries. On top of that, we also know how to use drones for spectacular creations and effective presentations. We are, as they call it, versatile specialists: all-rounders. We would rather show you that than say it here though. The proof lies in the imagery...



Drones fly borderless. That's why we welcome our customers worldwide. In Europe we already flew in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Norway and Switzerland. Last but not least, we, of course, flew a large number of projects in the Dutch skies.

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Robbert Kuijper

Co-founder | CTO & Pilot

In 2018 I flew for a travel agency in Switzerland. I had to watch from the ground as a bird counted my drone as prey. The drone crashed into a ravine and the bird flew off happily. Thirty minutes later, drone number two flew into the air to complete the flight: the show must go on! I have a background in video and photography, in 2016, when the drone world was still emerging, I immediately saw a lot of potential in telling stories with these 'flying' cameras. I also saw the opportunity in the drone sector to be able to innovate, to be the first in something. This gave me a bulk of inspiration and the drive to make this my work. Going to the absolute limit to follow my passion, that's what I stand for!

Boris Guntenaar

Co-founder | CEO & Pilot

I live and breathe photography. My father was a professional photographer and taught me, from a young age, to see everything through a lens because that's when you're really see. I really got my love for back-light from him! I studied to be an accountant. So, I go crazy for numbers and have a close relationship with my agenda and schedules.
I'll let the drone reach for the stars while I stay put with both feet on the ground.
To fulfil my dream of an office on the top floor of a skyscraper, I first have to overcome my fear of heights. My greatest passion is my company: I'd do anything for it!

John Keller


As CFO I am involved in the start of Zero Gravity Drone. I am generally responsible for the finance function in the broadest sense, including strategic business planning, reporting, forecasting and taxation. A sparring partner for the driven gentlemen who have flown into the drone industry with passion. I support the company during various moving phases from focus on revenue growth to focus on bottomline and OCF. Involved in the company and ensure with an effective approach that the right decisions can be made.

Louis Dell

Senior Advisor

As an executive counselor & coach I guide senior executives, board members, managers and high potentials in strengthening their natural leadership. Besides knowledge from studies in social psychology, business administration, marketing and Transactional Analysis, I offer my work and life experience/wisdom.
My focus is on what really moves, motivates and inspires people. Back to the core. Break patterns, remove obstacles, encourage people to consciously set goals and make choices.

Demonstrate and promote effective behavior. Know what you want and get what you want.

Sven de Wildt

Creative Director & Cinematic Drone Pilot

Within Zero Gravity I lead the creative branch, a role I fulfill with love. As a little boy I dreamed of being able to fly, a dream which became reality. Today, I fly with many different types of drones. I especially love putting on my FPV goggles and seeing the world from the drone's cockpit, an experience that still gets my adrenaline pumping and gives me a unique perspective on the world.

Besides my passion for drones, I get tremendous energy from entrepreneurship and building long-term partnerships. Brainstorming together with partners about video concepts and ensuring the end result of our high-quality productions during the projects, that makes me happy.

Within ZG Create I am involved in the creative pre-production phase, the productions themselves and the post-production. Luckily I don't have to do all this myself but we have built a team of excellent drone pilots, creatieve videographers and editors, and we are still growing fast!

The sky is not the limit!!!

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